Man Kills 2 and Hangs Himself

October 13, 2019 2:23 PM

It was a sad day in Freemans Hall, Trelawny a quiet community. A Jealous lover wanted back his woman and she had to make several reports to the police as he was stalking her, and he was also being a bother. Not accepting that she didn’t want to be with him anymore.

She went to an event with another man and when she got back to her home, Milo her ex-boyfriend attacked her with a knife and a machete. He slashed her neck and then stabbed her several times all over her body, before he attacked the man she was with and murdered him also.


When he was finished, he started to run, when a man saw him running and noticed that his hands were bloody, he asked him what was wrong. Milo told him that he was running from the police and he got a cut on a Metal Sheeting.

He was concerned about him and he alerted other persons and they tried to find Milo. It was not long after that they saw him, and he was hanging from a tree. The bodies of his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend were later found at her home.

It seems to be another case in which an ex was not able to move on and he decided to take the lives of everyone who he had a problem with, instead of finding someone new and enjoying his life.


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