Man Kills Girlfriend’s Ex-Husband in Self-Defence? – Video

A Texas man shot and killed his girlfriend’s ex-husband during a dispute over childcare in a newly-released video. Kyle Carruth claims self-defence and has not been arrested over the incident, which happened when Chad Read got into an argument with his ex-wife, Christina, over what time he was supposed to pick up their son. Once Chad arrived at the home in Lubbock, Carruth and Christina told the father to leave. As the argument heated up, Carruth went inside and got a rifle.

The ex-husband’s wife recorded the incident on her phone.

One person commented, “I feel sorry for the child who lost his father. Such ignorance from the adults. That child will be traumatized,” while another stated, “Not enough father’s actually want to be a part of their kid’s life. This guy wanted to be in his son’s life. This is so sad for all involved.”

Watch the fatal encounter below.

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