Man Kills Wife, 3 Sons then Himself in Oklahoma City

In Oklahoma City, a 42-year-old man named Jonathon Candy carried out a horrifying murder-suicide, resulting in the deaths of his wife, Lindsay, and three of their children. The victims included Lindsay and their sons Dylan (18), Ethan (14), and Lucas (12).

Jonathon shot Lindsay multiple times following an altercation before systematically hunting down and killing their children.


The sole survivor of this massacre was the couple’s 10-year-old son, who woke up to discover his entire family dead and bravely called 9-1-1. The boy had apparently been asleep during the violent rampage and was found unharmed in his bedroom, where he had been unaware of the tragic events unfolding.

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Police responded to the 9-1-1 call and discovered the devastating scene inside the home, with all five family members beyond saving. Jonathon Candy had taken his own life after the killings, leaving behind unanswered questions about the tragedy.

Sergeant Gary Knight described the incident as nothing short of a massacre, highlighting the brutal nature of the killings. The surviving child is now in the care of relatives, trying to cope with the aftermath of his unimaginable loss.

In a statement to FOX News, the Candy family expressed profound shock and devastation, struggling to comprehend the events that led to the horrific outcome. Jonathon was described as a family-oriented man whose jokes and cheerful demeanour brought joy to those around him.

The entire community is left shattered by this tragedy, with deep sympathy for the surviving child and the family left behind.

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