Man Lost his Leg after Crocodile Attack in ST. Thomas

[Sharingbuttons]On March 22, 2019 Nigel Gayle was working and felt like taking a break to clear his head “a breeze out”. He was 2 feet away from the water when he felt like a piece of board hit him on his foot and the next thing he knew he was under water and had water in his throat.

He managed to surface a little and the water was at his waist and he got some air, but the Crocodile seemed to figure out that he was not dead. He was dragged back under the into the water and he was being spun. He said father what next to do, as the crocodile had his foot in his mouth.

A voice told him to grab it, and he looked down and grabbed the crocodile and he doesn’t know if his finger caught the crocodile in its eye or what, but the reptile let go of the foot and he managed to swim away and get to the shore.

He tried to walk and heard his bone go crack, but he managed to get into the fridge and then a voice told him to tie the foot with the belt he had around his waist, so the bleeding would stop.

Crocodile Attack in jamaica st thomas

After he did that he felt like the voice said he should take the shoe off one foot and tie it to the next one so he could go home, but he looked out and saw the Crocodile, he also made a sound like a dog and the Reptile turned and looked in his direction. This caused him to decide to spend the night in the fridge. 

When he managed to get to the hospital the leg was infected, and it had to be amputated.

This happened after he woke up with the leg on the day he was attacked. This thought caused Marvin Moodie to try harder to help him even more.

Nigel can wear a prosthetic leg and the (National Commercial Bank) NCB Foundation gave TVJ (Television Jamaica) $250,000.00 for the prosthetic leg and a Company Surgix that will provide the prosthetic leg, offered to give him a 10% discount so that Marvin can walk again without using crutches.

He was the bread winner for his family and contributions to the $500,000.00 cost for the prosthetic leg will help him to walk again and continue taking care of his family.

Nigel Gayle got help, when Marvin Moodie who works at TVJ, has an aunt who told him about what had happened to Nigel. He decided to tell the staff at his workplace about the story and they decided to help in every way they could.

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