Man On Bail Stabs Complainant Who Took Him To Court

A warrant order has been sent out for a man currently in the capacity of a defendant in a case of Malicious destruction raised against him. The warrant was sent out after it was reported to the court by the complainant in the case that the man who is currently on bail went to her home and stabbed her, leading to her being hospitalized for a week.

In the most recent court hearing, the complainant told the court that she received several stabs from the defendant after he visited her home in November. This incident according to the woman even led to her lung getting punctured which was the reason for the hospitalization.

During the last court session, the defendant whose name is John Moulton did not enter a plea as it relates to the Malicious Destruction of property charges and the issuing of threats.

The first incident was reported to have taken place on the 22nd of June at 8 in the morning when Moulton was said to have visited the complainants home and broken 12 windows, also breaking into the house and proceeding to turn on the stove, breaking it as well as other items such as the television, face basin, toilet and her chest of drawers. 

In total, the complainant has reported up to $300,000 in damages and has also said that the defendant has issued threats to burn the house down.

About the incident, Senior Parish Judge Lori-Ann Cole-Montague has decided that she wants to have a special team assigned to execute warrants, as the current process has resulted in the complainant being brutalized while the situation is being taken care of in Courts.

This pushed the Senior Parish Judge to push forward arguments that the courts and the Police must be strong to not have people take them for a pushover.

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