Man Reconsidering Wedding; Afraid Fianceé Who Earns More Will Boss Him Around After Marraige

January 22, 2024

A 28-year-old man, confused and afraid of the future, sought help from a well-known council, Dear Pastor, after his friends advised him that marrying a woman who earns more than him would lead to disaster.

The man detailed in a letter that he is in love with his fianceé and is to be married in Easter of next year, but due to some reservations from a few of his friends, he is now wondering if after marriage, his older and more well-paid wife, will start to push him around due to their wage difference.


It was mentioned that his fianceé is five years his senior and makes over 100,000 more monthly than what he earns at his current job. His friends stated that this will become a future issue as women who make more money than their male counterparts often feel the need to wear the pants in the relationship.

Although the couple have only been dating for a year, the woman is a church sister and they both think that it is time to get married and settle down. She does not have any children but has none-Christian sisters who are married with kids and she is getting anxious that she has neither of those things.

They have chosen the wedding venue, picked a ring, and are in the process of choosing a dress for his fianceé. The man stated he has always wanted to marry a virgin, and even though his fianceé has slept with two other men a couple of times, she was, “almost like a virgin, because she was not loose.”

He is, however, worried that tying the knot will result in him being pushed around as time passes even tho he mentioned that he loves his fianceé and does not think he will be able to carry on without her in his life.

He posed the question to the pastor, asking if there was really anything wrong with marrying an older woman who makes more money.

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