Woman Details How She Fell in Love and Happily Married Her Grandmother’s Son

Thursday, January 11, 2024, 11:59 AM GMT-5

A woman who found love close to home shared her life story, beginning with a poverty-stricken childhood, leading to a happy marriage with her “grandmother’s son.” The woman, who did not reveal her name, shared that she was living with her grandmother before a friend of her grandmother decided to rescue her from the poor household.

The anonymous writer said that she was living with her sickly grandmother after her mother left her there, and then when a female friend showed interest in taking her, she was relocated to the woman’s home.


Although she did not want to leave her grandmother’s home and the sad occasion brought tears to their eyes, the storyteller indicated that the woman, who was a teacher, cared for her dearly. She was subsequently taught how to read and given new clothes, shoes, and her own room. She was also taken to church, where she was introduced to everyone as the woman’s niece, and she was able to go to school.

However, there was a small issue that the storyteller encountered during some of her visits to her grandmother’s house. “When I visited my grandmother, she was so excited. I had put on weight. She hugged and kissed me,” she wrote in the letter to Dear Pastor.

She added that her grandmother had two sons, one of whom resided with her and the other abroad. While the one who lived with her was nonchalant about the writer’s presence, the one who lived in America developed feelings for her.

According to the writer, she and the teenage boy spoke over the phone, and he professed his love while promising to take her away and requesting that she keep it a secret.

Nonetheless, the secret was ultimately shared with her caretaker, who also heard of her love for him. After the teacher later spoke to the grandmother’s son and deduced that he was genuine, she said that since they were not “blood related,” they could tie the knot. During that time, the writer did housekeeping at a hotel and assisted her grandmother, who did not approve of their relationship but did not fight against it.

The grandmother was not in support of this and warned her 18-year-old son, threatening to prohibit visitations. The letter also shared that the teenage boy confessed his feelings for the 16-year-old girl to the teacher, who warned him that they are “cousins”.

As the letter concluded, it noted that the couple are happily married with one child in America, where she continues to do housekeeping while her husband works as an electrician.

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