Man Records Footage of His Friend Stealing His Money from House in Clarendon – Watch Video

A man discovered that his friend was betraying him after he hid with his cell phone to catch a thief stealing money from his room. The victim recording the incident jumped out at the suspect moments after seeing him reportedly pocket $10,000 that was placed on a table.

The suspect withdrew the money from his pocket and attempted to hand it over but dropped it on the floor when the enraged man ordered him to head to the veranda. The suspect, identified as 23-year-old Eric Forrester, did as he was told while the man filming the incident blurted expletives at him.

The victim retrieved another phone from a different section of the house and exited the house from the back as he yelled for others to come to the scene. “Batty bwoy Kush, yuh think mi wouldn’t bloodclt ketch yuh,” he said angrily.

Apparently, this was not the first time Kush had committed theft from his friend. According to what was said, Kush frequently visits his friend and previously made off with over $300,000. When asked how he intended to repay the $300,000 that was missing, the suspect denied taking all that money.

“A nuh mi tek everything,” the suspect said, and denied knowing who else stole the money. The man told him he would repay the entire sum and warned him that he would be arrested for his crime. He subsequently questioned him about how he pulled the lock to get inside the house, and Kush denied having a key.

“Hey, a kill man shudda kill yuh bloodclt in deh. Yuh lucky yuh here,” the man continued.

The persons who came to the scene were heard discussing the situation in the background, and one of them wanted to beat the suspect, but the friend and a second man refused to let that happen.

Kush was charged with house-breaking and larceny. The incident took place in Clarendon.

Watch the video of the incident below:

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