Peanut Dread Tells How He was Unknowingly Roped into Stealing and Spending Months in Prison – Watch Video

In a recent sit down with Peanut Dread, the Rastafarian recounts his life in Clarendon when he used to dabble in farming and got mixed up in stealing.

A video was posted to his official YouTube account where he often tells tales of his life story so that others can learn from his mistakes and have a laugh at the same time. Peanut dread recounted how when he was living there, “mi innah Clarendon ennuh rasta and mi a do likkle farming ennuh…mi nuh have nuh iron fork fi fork the dirt.”


He stated that it was an important tool in farming that could not be done by any other farming tool, but that he had no money to purchase one. “Dis f**king tiefing man…Tony have an intention weh mi never know. Tony say Rasta yuh know say outta one school deh, di flowers garden weh dem make out deh…a over three fork or more dem have inna one store room deh,” recalled Peanut Dread.

He spoke about how they went to see if they could get one of the iron forks and his friend “tear down the winda ennuh” and stole a tin of oil, rice, flour and utensils as there were no iron forks inside. “That bi**h set mi up!” Peanut Dread explained.

Peanut Dread went on to detail how he got arrested for another situation and spent months in lockup.

Watch the full video below:

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