Man Runs Over His Alleged Robber With Vehicle – Watch Video

July 14, 2022 8:24 AM

A recent video of a vehicular assault was uploaded to the World Star Hip Hop site on July 13, 2022, of a man running over a fleeing civilian with his vehicle. It is said that the man allegedly robbed him. There was no description of what was taken.

In the video, there are at least two people present in the vehicle, the driver and a passenger in the back who filmed the incident. The driver of the vehicle was looking for the individual that was trying to get away and it can be seen where the cameraman in the back points out the male who was fleeing. The driver then adjusts the direction of the vehicle and commences to chase the absconding man down the roadway.


He crossed the median strip twice before catching up and running over the reputed robber before seemingly putting the car in reverse. The video ended before confirmation.

It is currently still unknown if the man has succumbed to his injuries or not. Appraise the video footage below;

A disturbed commenter stated that, “robbing and murder are two different things though?” while another person simply commented with the reprimanding advice of “you have to be a complete idiot to run down a open street with a car chasing you. Dude could have ran back and forth across the median, ran into a store, ran behind other cars, etc etc.”

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