Driver Purposefully Runs Over Woman To Have Sex With Her Corpse

A 29-year-old Michigan man committed a hit and run offence, killing a 64-year-old woman, which prosecutors alleged that he did so he could have sex with her corpse.

Melody Rohrer is a retired nurse who was reported missing by her husband on September 20. Rohrer is from Hamilton Township, and she was last seen walking along County Road.


The detectives traced Rohrer’s cell phone, and that is when they discovered the accused, Colby Martin, with the phone at a Walmart in Oshtemo Township, which was about 30 miles away.

 According to the detectives, Martin’s 2013 Ford F-150 displayed evidence of severe damages to the front end.

Rohrer’s body was located at Three Rivers State Game Area the following day as Martin led the police to where he hid her. The police reported that he hit her with his car as she was walking outside the Oak Shores Campground. ABC13 said that Martin moved her body approximately 26 miles to the heavily wooded public park. It is also said that Martin had attempted to hide multiple pieces of evidence.

Martin was later charged with vehicular manslaughter, failure to stop at the scene of an accident resulting in death when at fault, and concealing the death of an individual. With the $300,000 bond being set, Martin was later released.

However, after more investigations were done, Martin was re-arrested last week when he was at his girlfriend’s house. His arrest was the result of an open murder charge, which followed after prosecutors alleged that he purposefully ran over and killed Rohrer. Prosecutors claimed he did this with the intent to have sex with her corpse.

The evidence that pointed to this was the search history on Martin’s computer. Detectives testified that upon going through the computer, they discovered that Martin had searched pornography with dead or unconscious women. The history of these search results were immediately after Rohrer was reported missing.

More investigation led them to find use condoms that contained both his and Rohrer’s DNA in a trashcan outside of his home.

Upon these discoveries, Martin was denied bail by the Van Buren County District Court Judge, Michael McKay. Judge McKay stated that Martin “represents the most extreme danger to the public”.

However, Jim Mequio, Martin’s attorney, disagreed, saying that they were awaiting more evidence to be reported because the upgraded charges were unjust.

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