Man Says He Stole $650,000.00 because He has Hungry Belly Pickney Fi Feed

Sunday, December 23, 2018, 7:29 AM

Phillip Rowe is now facing a charge of simple larceny after he it is alleged that he took $650,000.00 from a truck in Down town Kingston on May 29. The complainant parked his truck and left it for a short while, when he returned he realized that a box that had the money in it was missing.

Rowe was the only person the complainant had seen going into the truck and he was seen running from the truck.


Even though he went into hiding for a while, he was eventually caught and when he appeared before the judge he was ordered to return the money to the driver of the truck.

The investigating officer had seen Rowe an hour later and told him to return the cash, but Rowe did not follow those instructions. He simply told the officer that he had “5 hungry belly pickney fi feed and mi only ave $300,000.00 lef”. It is also alleged that Rowe bought a car after the money was stolen.

Rowe has started to deny taking the money, and says he only told the officer that he had taken it because he was afraid that he would be killed.

The police told the judge that Rowe has a bad reputation and it has been hard to catch him, because of this the judge said he should stay in jail until January, when there will be another hearing.

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