Man Says He’s LL Cool J’s Son and Talks Being Neglected by the Rapper – Watch Video

The video of a man claiming to be the son of popular rapper and movie star LL Cool J is gaining traction on the internet after the unkown man, with a striking resemblance to the entertainer, speaks out.

In the video of the man talking about how he found out LL Cool J was his father, a picture of the artiste was used to highlight how similar the two individuals look.


The man stated he found out who his father was from his mother and they had him sign paperwork around the time when Covid was still active. He said he knew him not by him artiste name, but as James Cline Smith.

He voiced that LL Cool J went from sending him $200 a month to cutting off all contact with him and that he was coming forward so that his voice would be heard, and LL would respond to him after seeing the video.

Watch the video below:

Many different opinions were left aunder the video that was posted by World Star, with people believing his story and others questioning how truthful the man was being. Jose Dosantos said, “Ain’t no denying that boy he looks just like him,” and, disbelieving, Sdotterry exclaimed, “Why you don’t look like a young LL then? why you look like the 55 year old fat head from steroids version? And if you gotta wear the hat you reaching.”

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