Man Sets Girlfriend on Fire in Hanover

May 20, 2021

According to reports, a man allegedly set his girlfriend on fire out of jealousy. The female who is now in the hospital in critical condition was at the car wash that she operates with her boyfriend in Great River, Hanover on Wednesday when the gruesome act was carried out.

At about about 4:30 p.m. an argument developed between the victim and the suspect who accused her of disrespecting him, tensions ran high and he proceeded to douse his girlfriend with gasoline after which he set her on fire, he also set the car wash on fire.


Reports are that the victim ran from the building ablaze and was helped by residents who rushed to the location. The fire was put out with flour and a blanket. The boyfriend managed to escape the scene during the ordeal; now a man hunt is underway in Great River, Hanover that is being led by the angry residents.

The victim told the Jamaica star that “A mi boyfriend throw gas pon mi, and set mi pon fire”, before she was taken to the hospital by the police. She went on to outline that she don’t know what’s wrong with her boyfriend, suggesting that he was a jealous man “Mi nuh know what wrong wid him, him jealous over mi, an seh mi a dis him, an set mi pon fire”.

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