Man Shot and Killed by Police Officer in St. Ann over Water

December 14, 2020

Some heated events got triggered off in the district of D’acre, St. Ann, early Sunday morning when a man was allegedly shot and killed by a Police Officer, after denying some residents water from a Tank.

According to the Jamaican Star who captured the news, some members of the community went to the water tank that Is located on the property owned by the man whose name is Gleston White.


The reports are that White told the residents, that it was too early for them to be fetching water from the tank. An angry woman was said to have then started an argument with the 43-year-old man, after which he allegedly chopped up the container the female had to catch water after she said he could not stop her.

According to the reports given by Gleston White Jr, the son of the deceased, the woman then called a Policeman who later showed up at the location, brandishing a handgun and shot White three times after which he fell in the tank.

White Jr. stated that his 5-year-old brother was on the scene and saw everything, and kept on reverberating that “The man shot Daddy”.

After pulling the decease’s body from the tank, angry residents of the community proceeded to burn the cop’s car and a house in the name of what transpired.

Member of Parliament, for South West St. Ann, Zavia Mayne recalled that White was a hard-working man who was very involved in the community.

He also expressed that the police needs to respond swiftly to the matter, and hopes justice is properly executed.


The controversial tank which is located on the land owned by White was said to have needed repairing, for which the deceased had asked the community to help him fix since they used it, but did not get any assistance.

He was said to have worked on the tank himself, however, to limit the water supply to community members since they had no interest in helping with it’s renovation.

According to reports, the Policeman was an off-duty officer, from another area. No further information has been given on the matter by the lawmen, however, investigations have begun.



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