Man Slaps Female Officer Across the Face and She Retaliates During Arrest in Kingston – Watch Video

A video of an altercation between two members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) and a civilian is taking the internet by storm and the unidentified male was captured striking one of the officers across the face.

Circulating on social media, the footage of the incident was uploaded to the Instagram account this_is_a_blast and this_is.a_blast. The male involved with the officers was wearing a hat and a bright yellow shirt and was standing between the two as they were surrounded by a host of onlookers shouting in their direction.

It is unclear why the individual was stopped, but he could be seen pushing the officers away as the male JCF member held his arm and the female officer gripped him by the waist of his pants. The confrontation was becoming heated as the man seemingly resisted their advances to the chorus of bystanders chanting “leave the man alone”, “a di bike teef”, “go look fi di teef dem”, and “innah him vehicle di man a guh.”

The female officer began saying something inaudible to the man in yellow while tapping on his chest multiple times and the man retaliated by slapping her across the face. Pandemonium ensued. After she was hit, the police officer retrieved a baton from the squad car and struck the man across his legs.

People began shouting even louder and trying to get between the man and the female officer and continuously screaming, “yuh cyah shoot di man.” The male officer maneuvered the man against the car and began to cuff him, in the process of which the female officer took the chance to hit him across the face. Additional officers showed up to the scene and the man was ushered into the back of the police car.

Watch the video HERE:

In the comment section of the post shelz_ja876 said, “And hear dem in the background nuh bout the man neva do har nuthin, mi tek mi 2 eyes see the man box the lady but I guess that was nothing…”

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