Man Tries To Drown Woman In Fountain – Watch Video

As seen in a viral video, a man tried to drown a woman in a public fountain in Valencia, Spain and was later charged with attempted murder.

A recording of the incident was posted to World Star on Friday, August 12, 2022. All parties remain unidentified at this time. The footage shows A white male holding onto the hair of a white female and holding her head down when a black man intervenes and tries to speak to him. The while male throws a punch at the black man who then gets physical by holding on to him so that he can do no harm.


He holds the man around the neck and throws a punch of his own before trying to talk to the man again and get him to release the woman’s hair. Another passerby (a white male) rushes in and starts punching the aggressor relentlessly before exiting the fountain only to jump right back in for another round. The man finally releases the woman’s hair, allowing her to leave the fountain while the assailant continues struggling with assisting passersby.

Regarding the black and white man working together to save the woman, a commenter stated “Respect to those two guys”, and another individual said “One small step for man one giant leap for mankind.”

Watch the video below;

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