Man Tries to Shoot Woman But Gets Attacked by Armed Man – Watch Video

In a viral video circulating online, two men are challenged by a lone firearm holder. It is unclear if the man seen in the video firing multiple shots in the direction of the perpetrators is a licensed firearm holder. At the start of the video, you can see a female dressed in all black opening a metal gate situated close to the roadway and standing in front of a black jeep. Suddenly a grey/white pickup is seen reversing towards the gateway along the roadside.

The female recognized what was taking place and paid keen attention to the grey pickup van. The door of the van driven by the perpetrators opened, and a man with a gun in hand pointing at the female jumped out and ran towards the female standing at the gate.

The female who by now was completely aware of the dangerous situation she was in ran behind the parked vehicle. The man who was in the parked black vehicle and was also aware of what was taking place opened his car door, which he used as a shield, and fired several shots toward the gunman who at this point, was making his way through the opened gate. A second man came out of the grey van and was also greeted with flying bullets heading towards him, he instantly ran back into the vehicle, quickly followed by the first gunman.

As he came under fire with bullets, the first shooter appeared to have picked up a few rounds as he fell to the ground. While discharging his firearm the man challenging the attackers, ran from behind his vehicle which served as a cover, and chased after the grey/white pickup which was reversing. It appeared that even the driver of the pickup seemed to have been struck by bullets as the van was weaving while reversing.

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The video ended as the perpetrators reversed away about 40-50 meters from the defensive shooter, who had been chasing them at that point after getting the upper hand in the dramatic confrontation. The location where the incident took place is unknown at this time.

As Jamaica continues its relentless battle against crime and violence, hopes are this video will serve as a strong argument for changing its strict firearms laws so that citizens can more easily obtain firearm licenses. There has been growing pressure on the Firearm License Authority of Jamaica (FLA) due to what many consider to be the difficulty of getting a firearm license for ordinary Jamaican citizens, so they can be better able to protect themselves.

Watch the video below:

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