Mandeville Man Threatens to Kidnap Women and Children, Says “Kneel Before Lord Lucifer” – Watch Videos

A man who went viral on social media in a TikTok video has come up on the radar of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) for threatening to abduct women and girls in Mandeville.

Head of Manchester Police, Superintendent Shane McCalla, is asking the public to help to identify the man who threatened to kidnap women and children in Mandeville on Monday when school starts.

“I am promising all of you that lives in Mandeville that on Monday when school returns, I will be taking all girl kids,” he is heard saying in the 55-second-long video.

He continues, “I will be driving around, and I will be taking your child. I will be taking all women and all girls because we need them for an experiment.”

He also made a second video, announcing that he serves the devil and urging everyone to follow in his footsteps or perish. In this video, which is 1:47 seconds long, he says, “Listen to me, Jamaica. We need to serve Satan; we need to serve the devil. We are not making him happy enough.”

He adds that Lucifer needs the strength of the women and children. He urged people to offer themselves to Satan and let him save them and the world.

He says next, “Bring him out of the darkness. He’s been in the darkness for too long, the shadow for too long. Let him come to the light.” The man describes Satan as the “Light Bringer,” “The Truth,” “Saviour,” and the “King.”

Promising that he would “fulfil Satan’s request,” he tells everyone to kneel before “Lord Lucifer.”

Anyone with information that can help the police find the man is urged by Superintendent McCalla to call the Mandeville police at 876-962-2250, police 119 emergency line, 311 or the closest police station.

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