Kanye West Kidnaps And Buries Pete Davidson In New Music Video

Kanye “Ye” West is clearly still not over Kim Kardashian, even after their divorce was granted on Wednesday by a Los Angeles judge. Ye recently premiered the official music video for his song with The Game called “Eazy” and the concept of the video was centered around Kim K’s 28-year-old boyfriend, Pete Davidson.

The video is depicted using macabre claymation visuals featuring The Game, Kanye, Easy E and Pete Davidson. In the start, The Game rises from a coffin, then shows both him and Easy E driving to a desert with a rake and shovel where they dug up Kanye’s body.


After which, the resurrected West hops on a motorcycle and sets off to complete his mission. The clip then shows a seemingly unaware Pete holding a cigar with a drink in his hand and out of nowhere, here comes Kanye with a decapitated head….but not Pete’s.

Pete Davidson is then seen tied with ropes, a bag over his head while on the back of Kanye’s motorcycle, where he is brought to an area and buried to his neck. Ye then pulls out a packet of rose seeds and dumps them on Pete’s head, waters it and roses start to grow.

In this scene, Ye enacted the Valentine’s Day gift surprise when he had sent a truck filled with roses to Kim Kardashian’s home. Ye starts to cut the roses from Pete’s head and drives away in a truck full of them.

At last, three cards were presented in the video that had messages on each. The first card read “Everyone lived happily ever after” which assumingly he is referring to him and his ex-wife Kim Kardashian rekindling their relationship. The second message read “Except you know who” with the word “Skete” scribbled out, which is the name he usually uses to refer to Pete Davidson on his social media. The third message read “JK HE’S FINE”, which assured viewers that Pete Davidson is actually unharmed and fine.

Check out Kanye West and The Game’s Music video for “Eazy” below:

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