Many Jamaicans along with Craig Butler Take Aim at JFF Online After Reggae Girlz Lost 5-1 to Chile

Infuriated members of the Jamaican public, joined by Phoenix Football Academy founder Craig Butler, have taken aim at the Jamaican Football Federation (JFF) following the Reggae Girlz 5-1 loss to Chile.

In the first of two friendlies scheduled for Jamaica and Chile, the Reggae Girlz registered one goal, with Chinyelu Asher securing a goal in the second half with a 77th-minute penalty. The goal was the 7th international goal for Jamaica, netted by Asher, a member of the 2019 World Cup squad.

However, with a lacklustre first half and the notable absence of other members of the senior team, the Girlz submitted to a devastating defeat to the Chileans on Friday at the Juan Pinto Duran Stadium.

Senior Reggae Girlz, such as Khadija Shaw, were noticeably absent from yesterday’s match, as they have been since declining to participate in qualification matches for the Gold Cup last year.

Despite the JFF announcing last October that the members of the 2023 World Cup squad had been paid in full, multiple issues, including unpaid fees, continue to deter the Girlz from returning to the field.

Following the Girlz’ defeat yesterday, the JFF noted Asher’s performance in a post on their Instagram page and commended the team for their “good effort.”

The post attracted a series of heated comments from Jamaicans unimpressed by the team’s recent performances and the continued absence of star players.

“No good effort! Pay the woman dem suh them can come back and play good football!” one football supporter stated.

Another warned of the major consequences the federation’s poor management can cause.

“Our FIFA Ranking shall shortly hit rock bottom after we made few steps forward only to be making a 100 steps backward because of this poor administrative,” the individual wrote.

Graig Butler, manager of Jamaican Reggae Boy Leon Bailey, also joined the outraged commenters. In his comment, the football coach seemingly shaded JFF General Secretary Dennis Chung, suggesting that he’s going to wreck all of Jamaican football.

“Wonderful dennis ching pan ching chachacha. Well done soon youll just qreck all football in jamaica,” Butler wrote.

View more comments about the JFF and the Reggae Girlz’ performance below.

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