Marcia Griffiths talks 55years in Reggae [Video]

“i’ve done a long journey i think its a long journey.. 55years and as i said i shall sing as long a i live so i still have many years many journey to do” says the legendary female reggae singer.

The first lady of reggae Marcia Griffiths has been around for 55 years. She explains that she and Freddie McGregor are the two longest-standing Jamaican artistes who are still current today, Griffiths went on to explain that when Freddie first got to the studio, she was already there.


Marcia Griffiths explains that all 3 of her sons turned out to be musicians but she advised them to put education first.

Marcia Griffiths also explains what it was like growing up in Kingston, Anna Town. She started performing at 10 years old.

Reggae History Reasonings: Marcia Griffiths, March 2019 via World A Reggae, watch the full interview below!

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