Marijuana Dispensary Planned for Bob Marley’s Former Home in Jamaica

June 20, 2021 7:54 AM

The Seattle based Marijuana dispensary, Marley Natural is expected to expand its operations by opening a branch in Kingston at the legendary Reggae Icon Bob Marley’s former Hope Road home, if fully approved by the Government’s Cannabis Licensing Authority.

Already the estate of the musician is a hot spot for tourists, looking to find out more about his life and to even spend a few nights.


Originally, Marley Natural was established in 2016, selling apparels and merchandise for the family then later branched off into a Marijuana Dispensary. Washington State, which has its first location, decriminalized marijuana in the year 2012 and Jamaica made the same move in 2015.

Currently, there are many dispensaries islandwide however, it will be a unique twist in the country having a legal location selling marijuana under the Marley brand.

According to the Ceo of Docklight Brands, who helped Marley Naturals to get their operations off the ground, the experience will breathe new life into what he refers to as “the ethos of Bob Marley”. Right now, the company is awaiting the final go-ahead from the Government who had the dispensary conditionally approved.

The property was officially purchased by the King of Reggae in 1975 and was transformed into a museum in the year 1987.



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