Marijuana – The God Plant

December 13, 2021

Cannabis, bud, hash, weed, and grass are all terms for marijuana and they all come from the same cannabis plant. It may be smoked, vaped, drank, or eaten. Marijuana is mostly used for recreational purposes.

People have been using marijuana, or cannabis, to cure their diseases for at least 2,500 years, according to historians. After centuries of being regarded as an illicit substance, marijuana is now being revised on a legal and social basis.


According to recent surveys, the majority of people support the legalisation of marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes. As a result, numerous countries have legalised marijuana for medicinal as well as recreational uses.

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Some experts and policymakers, however, want to see more scientific proof supporting particular marijuana advantages. Apart from greater study, there are fears that in some cases, marijuana’s potential hazards may exceed its advantages.

However, from the start, marijuana has been treated as the god plant. Here are a few reasons why;

  1. Health Benefits

According to scientific research, there is convincing evidence that marijuana can help control:

  • Mild as well as chronic pain in Adults
  • Depression, stress and anxiety in young adults
  • The nauseous effect after chemotherapy in cancer treatment
  • Pain in muscles and sleeplessness

Other situations for which it may be beneficial include

  • Poor appetite
  • Some people with Tourette’s syndrome experience anxiety

A drug or medication called Epidiolex was approved back in 2019 by a drug association used to treat severe and uncommon conditions like epilepsy. This medicine is made from CBD compounds found in marijuana.

The drug association has also approved three medications that include synthetic chemicals with a close resemblance to THC.

  1. How The Person Feels

When a person consumes marijuana, he feels happy and detached from the stresses of everyday life. A state of ecstasy or euphoria in which you feel as though you are on top of the world.


Marijuana alters how you perceive time, colour, and space. Some people transition from introverts to extroverts when they begin to consume more. Marijuana is ideal for pulling you out of bed on a morning when you simply can’t seem to get going.

With a punch of spicy vanilla and a hint of diesel, the god plant has a sweet and acidic sour tropical citrus flavour. The scent is extremely similar, with a spicy diesel undertone highlighted by sweet vanilla and earthy spices. Just as you breathe, the effects begin, flooding your head with a heightened euphoria that is heavy behind the eyes.


The god plant inspires and motivates you to be more creative. However, some people find it difficult to concentrate while using marijuana, although we all know that rappers compose their finest lyrics when they are high.

  1. How To Use Marijuana?

Smoking marijuana is the most prevalent method of consumption. It’s frequently wrapped into a cigarette or rice paper “joint,” stuffed into an empty cigar wrapper to make a “blunt,” or inhaled in a pipe “bong.”

Smoking or ingesting various types of THC-rich resins produced from the god plant has recently become a common technique of usage. It may also be used to make sweets like brownies, cookies, and candies, or steeped as tea.


Marijuana usage has an immediate impact on the nervous system, particularly the areas involved for memory, thinking, concentration, judgment, synchronization, feelings, and response time.

There are several differences between eating marijuana-laced meals or drinking marijuana-laced beverages and smoking marijuana, including a higher risk of toxicity.

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