Marion Hall Puts On A Big Show at Reggae Sumfest; Sends Message to PM Holness, Scammers, and Receives Award

Minister Marion Hall’s highly anticipated performance at Reggae Sumfest met all expectations, as she took the stage armed with the Bible and delivered a vigorous show. The event was made even more memorable when the gospel singer was awarded for all her hard work throughout her career.

Both attendees and live stream viewers were captivated by Hall’s gospel show, during which she passionately belted out some of her popular tracks that had the audience dancing early Sunday morning.

As she continued in her set, the minister left a message for all the scammers by saying, “Dash weh di dutty guard ring weh yuh have, dash weh di dutty obeah ring weh yuh have…cause dat cyah keep yuh outta body bag.”

Another message was directed to Prime Minister Andrew Holness, as she said, “Mr Holness, yuh need holiness, cause right now Jamaica inna mess…”

As promised, Hall’s team from Emmanuel Apostolic distributed just under 1000 Bibles to the patrons. The patrons were also graced with a church-like experience when a pastor took the stage to read a Bible scripture as instructed by Minister Hall.

The praise and worship Hall conducted at Reggae Sumfest ended on a high note as she was honoured with a Red Stripe Living Legend award, commemorating her unwavering legacy despite her transition from a Dancehall Queen to a Christian gospel singer.

“I know I’m a legend, yes, but I don’t claim it. I know I’m a queen, but I don’t claim it. Since I’ve been saved, I don’t care about accolades,” she said upon accepting her award.

Watch Minister Marion Hall’s performance below:


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