Marion Hall Takes Shots at “Bleach Out Duppy” During Performance About Dancehall Queen Title

Minister Marion Hall, formerly Lady Saw, has been surrounded by controversy before her latest performance because of her semi-sheer outfit on the advertisement poster for Sumfest and her alleged beef with Spice and Queen Ifrica.

Now another whirlwind surrounds the Dancehall-turned-Gospel artiste with her performance at Groovin In The Park in Queen’s New York.

The lively performance was highlighted by Hall’s freestyle about not wanting the title of Dancehall Queen, which now belongs to Spice. Marion Hall sang, “Mi nuh come yah suh fi idle, mi nuh come yah suh fi Dancehall title. Mi come yah suh fi preach up the gospel, so tell a bleach out duppy mi nuh frighten.”

She continued her performance to cheers and people singing along to the catchy song.

Watch the video below:

Apart from Hall’s long-standing beef with the current Dancehall Queen, both Hall and Queen Ifrica have been trading disses online for quite some time. Hall calls out Ifrica for being a part of the LGBTQIA+ community, and Ifrica calls out Hall for using God to chase clout.

With her Groovin In The Park performance over, many viewers, especially in the comment section of the Instagram post where her performance was uploaded, are speculating that the entertainer was taking shots at Queen Ifrica.

Someone asked, “A who a the bleach out Duppy,” to which another replied, “I think she tossing words at queen ifrika.”

Watch her performance via the amateur footage below:

Read more comments below:

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