Marion Hall Takes Online Fans on a Tour of Her New Church – Watch Video

Minister Marion Hall has shared a closer look at the location she secured for her new church, the Holy Ghost Pentecostal Church of Jesus Christ. Hall expressed that she faced multiple setbacks on her journey to acquire a space for her sermons, but God opened the door for her to obtain a location in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

In a video she shared online, she took viewers on a tour of her church, sharing her vision for the space and the materials she has so far obtained. Hall launched a second GoFundMe last week to raise 50,000USD towards construction costs, chairs, and other necessary materials.

Hall previously shared that she had acquired musical instruments and has now revealed that she has also acquired a pulpit.

The video begins with Hall standing outside, speaking about her new accomplishment, and her videographer showing the plaza on which her church is located.

“People of God, I been preaching to you for a while now online, and I told you that God promise me a place to keep the church,” she said while smiling.

After entering the building, she does a joyful dance while showing off the space. In the video, she also declares that God will perform miracles inside her church, which she said would attract a large number of visitors once the place of worship is open to the public.

The video was shared on Instagram on Friday with the caption, “This is our Church building in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Please give towards chairs and equipment. Cash app $minitermarionhall Zelle 9544948177 PayPal @hgpchurchofjesuschrist.”

Watch the video of Marion Hall below:

In the comments, she also expressed her gratitude to her supporters, who left jubilant responses in the comment section. One viewer said, “Nuff baptism aga gwan eno.” Another viewer wrote, “Blessings continue todo the work of the lord.”

Read more of the comments below:

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