Marion Hall to release New Gospel Album… Reacts to Chozenn’s ‘Bawl Out’

Monday, June 18, 2018, 5:29 PM GMT-5

[Sharingbuttons]It has been over two years since the shedding of Lady Saw happened and Marion Hall the Minister or Evangelist has been doing new music. Marion Hall is putting out a new set of songs, the name of the album will be “His Grace” it will have 17 tracks with a wide variety of genres, Country, Blues, Reggae, Mento and Dancehall.

There is a song on the album about seeking a man and Marion spoke about women who find their right partners after they fast, pray and wait on the Lord. But for her she is married to Jesus as she was sick of being lied to and hurt and she is not rushing to get into any relationship right now. For her true love is found in Jesus and she also said she has been invited to Australia because of the song.

Marion spoke about the days when her life was a mess and God spoke to her and this makes her feel very special. She said some people are trying to get her to go back to the life she had before, but she is determined to hold on to the Lord.

She also spoke about the Dovey Magnum raunchy song that was done over by the Gospel artiste Chozenn, she says she will not condemn Chozenn for singing the song because it is possible that he got instruction from God and it is Chozenn’s business.

Even though there has been a new queen in the dancehall since she left and Spice has taken her space, she says she doesn’t think about going back. She will be performing at “Fun in the Son” and at many other events on the island and she is feeling very good about her decision.

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