Mark Golding Questions if PM Andrew Holness Has Become “Unhinged” – Watch Video

As the heated political climate in Jamaica continues to intensify with members of the country’s two main parties, the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) and the People’s National Party (PNP), taking jabs at each other, the Leader of the Opposition, Mark Golding, has called into question the sanity of the prime minister.

Golding’s statements were made at a PNP conference, during which he suggested that Prime Minister Andrew Holness’ focus and priorities were now misplaced on trivial matters. Golding stated that the prime minister was behaving in “an increasingly unhinged manner” while citing a recent speech by Holness in parliament.

Golding described Holness’s recent behaviour in parliament as shrill and said the prime minister’s focus on the criticism he was receiving online was better placed elsewhere.

The country’s crime rate, “the disastrous education system,” and the government’s “inadequate” response to the cost of living crisis were all declared as what should have been on Holness’ list of priorities. The opposition leader once again criticised Holness and his ministry’s approval of the recent massive wage hike for members of the government.

Describing the prime minister’s behaviour as erratic, Golding addressed Holness’s recent criticism of him being the highest-paid politician. “I never asked for what I got, and I’ve decided to keep only 20% of the increase. He is the one that has given me that pay increase. Him! So how can he be complaining about the size of it?” Golding stated.

Expressing his confidence that his party would be victorious in the next general election, Golding said Holness should be careful of what he says as he would soon be collecting his pay as leader of the opposition.

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Golding’s statements follow the release of the results of a controversial poll stating that voter intent for the PNP had significantly increased by 30.2%. The JLP later released a statement declaring the PNP-sponsored pole a fictitious propaganda campaign.

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