PM Holness Says He Might Forfeit His Entire Income Because of Lies, “Mi feel like just gi it Back” – Watch Video

While declaring rumours that he is secretly pocketing a salary increase as lies, Prime Minister Andrew Holness announced that he might forfeit his entire salary due to the false allegations being made against him.

Jamaicans were sent into a tailspin in May following the disclosure that members of the government would be receiving a massive salary hike equal to more than 200% for some political figures. Holness’ salary leapt from $9.1 million to $28.6 million, with Opposition Leader and People’s National Party (PNP) President Mark Golding receiving an increase of $25.7 million from $8 million.

Both increases were slated to take effect in April 2024, but after massive public outcry and protests, Holness announced that he would not be taking the hefty raise. While speaking with Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) supporters on Sunday in South East Clarendon, an irritated Holness said he was aware of allegations claiming that he was receiving the $28 million increase and loudly denounced those rumours as lies.

Noting that his salary remained the same, the clearly annoyed prime minister announced that he was ready to give it all away as he had reached his limit. “My salary is what it was before, and a tell yuh sup’m, a feel like just gi it back to! Because mi is a proud man, enuh. Mi nuh like people tell lie pon mi,” Holness stated.

Holness went on to criticise Golding, who is still scheduled to receive his pay hike next year, though he has pledged to give away 80% of his increase to charities.

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According to the prime minister, Golding’s only duty was to “mek mischief and tell lie,” yet he was receiving the same compensation as Deputy Prime Minister Dr Horace Chang.

Watch the video below.

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