Footage of Mark X and Suzuki Crash in Manchester Ignites Huge Debate Online as to Who Was Wrong in the Fatal Accident – Watch Video

Wednesday, January 31, 2024, 12:07 PM GMT-5

Following a motor vehicle accident between a Mark X and a Suzuki Baleno, the now-viral video of the incident has ignited debate online regarding proper road safety and whose negligence caused the crash.

The incident occurred in Manchester, with an AD Wagon, a Prado, a Mark X, and a Suzuki Baleno Sedan all connected to the crash. In the video, a man can be seen entering the AD Wagon, which was parked at the side of the road.

After the AD Wagon began to drive away, the Suzuki Sedan approached from behind, driving more in the middle of the road as it seemingly prepared to overtake the wagon. Ahead of the two vehicles and beyond the line of vision of the driver of the sedan, a Mark X approaching with great speed undertook a Prado and immediately crashed into the sedan after turning the corner.

According to reports, the driver of the sedan was later identified as Karen Taylor. Reports state that after her vehicle collided with the Mark X, Taylor’s sedan was pushed into a Honda CRV behind her.

After the crash, Taylor was pinned inside the vehicle and later pronounced dead at the hospital after being removed by firefighters. In addition to the driver of the Honda CRV, the four male occupants of the Mark X were also injured.

The crash has since ignited debate, with viewers of the video pointing out multiple contributing factors to the accident. Some viewers noted that the driver of the sedan was not driving in her lane as she attempted to overtake the AD Wagan.

“Everyone going to blame the Mark X but it doesn’t matter how fast he was going he was on is side of the road, the other car could have slowed down and let the car infront go instead trying to overtake it around a corner he can’t see,” one viewer stated.

However, other viewers highlighted that the Ad Wagon had parked in a no-stop zone, and some placed blame on the driver of the Mark X.

“Watch the video Suzuki is actually still in their lane. Right at the line. And that Mark x undertook and failed to negotiate the curve,” one viewer explained.

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