Marksman The Next Dancehall Sensation – Drops ‘Visa’ Music Video

Dancehall artiste Marksman dropped his new track titled ‘Visa’ with visuals on Saturday as he continues to make moves in the entertainment industry that might very well take him to early stardom.

Marksman, born Oswayne Marks in “Visa” brags about his accomplishments, making big “choppa” moves, and telling his competitors that he’s above their game while he warns off his foes.


“Memba unno bruck, yuh only bosey pan di media but mi real life wild and rich, big house no dat gigantic,” he sings in the chorus.

In the video, Marksman is at a big house with many others, including female dancers living the dream. The video also shows cars drifting and racing, as he sings “220 pan di meeta, just a speeda, mussi need fa.”

The 17-year-old artiste who has been juggling his music career and school, had gained quick popularity after dropping his single ‘Verified Choppa 2’ on TikTok which exploded immediately and has gone up to 4.5 million views on YouTube since it has been released on December 23, 2021.

Marks, who is from James Hill district in Whithorn, Westmoreland, has a promising career among the younger audiences as his music has been very popular among the youths and TikTok users.

The sixth form Frome Technical High student had told the Observer during an interview that while he has plans to move forward to medical school he would also like, “to be a household name in music and pursue different genres of music.”

Check out ‘Visa’ music video below

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