Spice Drops “Different Category” Music Video

Spice has dropped the visuals for her track ‘Different Category’ today, and the video is vibrant with bright colours and several outfit changes by the dancehall icon/queen.

The track which targets copycats who are doing their utmost best to be like Spice declared that despite all their efforts of trying to be her, by wearing identical clothes, having identical bodies, houses, cars, faces and maybe even having the same man she has, they could never be her because she is on a completely different level and a ‘different category’.


The visuals showed the lengths the copycats would go to be like Spice, which was as far as kidnapping and cloning her.

In the music video, Spice was in a store shopping and her copycat got the same dress she bought. After leaving the store the copycat had Spice kidnapped and taken into a lab where she was held down and cloned. Tests were later conducted on the clone while the original Spice was kept trapped inside of what appeared to be a pod.

Throughout the music video which was released on April 1st, Spice did several outfit changes that captured all of the scenes.

Previously, on January 13, Spice released the audiovisual and on February 1st the track went up to number one on Hapilos Weekly Top 10 Digital Charts.

On January 28, Spice began the challenge #SpiceDifferentcategory which allowed people to demonstrate their talent as they fill in the missing lyrics to her song for a chance to win a round trip airline ticket from anywhere in the world to meet her plus hotel accommodations. The winner of this challenge is yet to be announced.

Check out the music video for Different Category below.

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