Spice’s Boyfriend Hints About Their Sex Tape

Dancehall Queen Spice and her boyfriend Justin have been showing their love all over social media and now the couple is out here dropping lyrics about having a sex tape.

While some are saying that there is no guarantee that these lyrics are true,  it does lead others to believe that the “So Mi Like It” singer is doing everything she sings about in a sex video with her man.


 The lyrics that were particularly dropped by Justin are mostly believed to be true because they are the remix to Spice’s latest track title Love Triange (Pum Pum), which has detailed the sexual life of both local and international celebrities. While it is debatable that everything in the song is true, most of her words in the song are indeed true.

On Instagram, she wrote the remix as a caption to an Instagram post of her standing next to her boyfriend.

“From the Rasta get mi Pum Pum , him love mi Pum Pum, him get back shot Pum Pum, lizard lap Pum pum, foot pan shoulder Pum Pum, head top Pum Pum,roast duck Pum Pum , wheel barrow Pum Pum, every day and every night him want mi Pum Pum …….. 🤣🤣😂😂 Good night @jbuddmedia,” she wrote.

Spice’s boyfriend responded to this with lyrics of his own in the comments section.

“On the steps mi get da pum pum, In da pantry mi get da pum pum, on da balcony mi get da pum pum, on 🎥 mi get da pum pum 😮, pin it up on the glass me get da pum pum, right now in da shower mi get da pum pum,” Justin wrote.

The line about getting the “pum Pum” on camera sent fans crazy in the comments section.

Spice’s fans, the Besties, are all for this remix with her boyfriend, but there is no word if it will actually be voiced by the couple.

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