Markus Responds To “Why Did You Disrespect Your Father?” Question

Sunday, April 7, 2019, 4:09 PM GMT-5

Apart from the Long Walk To Freedom Concert, the Markus rant about his father Buju Banton was probably the most talked about Topic of last month March. It’s still unclear whether or not the two have put their differences aside even though a song was released By Markus which features Buju Banton and his other Brother Jahazeil Myrie, but we don’t even see Buju promoting that song. This leaves the public to believe that things are still not so good between the two. LISTEN: Buju Banton, Markus, Jahazeil – False Pretense : SONG

The music producer was answering questions online recently and he was asked, Why Did You Disrespect Your Father? to which is reply was “yeah mi father him a human being him a nuh god, and mi a human being and mi nuh perfect suh all a unuh Jamaicans and all a unuh who love gwaan like artistes a hero and dem cah duh ntn wrong, a want a artiste murda one a unuh family memba and mek mi si if unuh still worship dem like idiot” he seemingly went on to say more but the video clip was cut.

Markus did officially apologize earlier to father Buju, Markus wrote “i am a man, one who refuses to carry burdens of the past into a future that will see me with children. For their sake i will break the generational curse. My only regret is that i allowed myself to get so blinded by anger that i said things about my father that i shouldn’t have said but let he without sin cast the first stone. I have no undelivered expectation of a father who refuses to see fatherhood as more than just a tittle and financial support. Your absence has noting to do with prison and you know that still, i forgive you regardless. i hope one day you decide to be a better father, don’t do it for me; do it for my siblings who are suffering” He also went on to tell Buju that he loves him via IG.

Either of the two is yet to tell the public what really happened. According to a TVJ report, Buju Banton was being investigated by the Constant Spring Police after he was reported by his son Markus. The Report states that Markus went to the Constant Spring Police and filed a complaint about him and his father being in a physical altercation earlier, Buju and Son had an meeting at studio after which an argument developed, Buju then hits Markus in the face according to the report, we know what happened after. We are unsure what’s the current status of the investigation.

Buju Banton Officially Separates Himself From “Boom Bye Bye” Song
Buju Banton has finally remove himself from one of his greatest hit songs “Boom Bye Bye”, due to ongoing protests over the lyrics of the song overseas.

Boom Bye Bye is one such song included in his catalogue, which has stirred much controversy since it was released in 1992. However now Buju had promised to remove it from his Catalogue and no future performance of Boom Bye Bye at events.

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