Maroon Chief Says Forestry Department Of Jamaica Has Illegal Boundaries On Their Land

Friday, August 13, 2021, 3:08 PM GMT-5

Chief of the Accompong Maroons, Richard Currie has once again risen to the occasion in defence of the lands owned by his group of people, as he is now requesting for the Forestry Department Of Jamaica to step up and do some explaining.

The matter came to light that the Government agency has been encroaching the boundaries of Maroon lands, without the permission of the native people.

In a video done and posted on Instagram by Richard Currie, it can be seen where he and some members of the Maroon community, gathered, beating drums and blowing abengs to address the alleged intrusion.

The move by the Forestry Department has been termed as illegal by the Maroon Chief and as such he has asked them to come forward with a reasonable explanation as to why they did what they did.

Just recently, Currie also posted videos, showing alleged Policemen who visited the lands, demanding that the indigenous people who occupy the area in the cockpit country give them payment or else they will have their crops burnt and taken which they have already done.

Even though the JCF was contacted by the Maroon Chief, they have stated that the men were not sent by them regardless of an identification card being spotted on one of the also armed individuals who allegedly issued extortion threats to the people native to the land.

The previous videos as shown by Currie, exposed some very heated moments, with violent exchange of words along with the beating of drums being used as a defence against the invading men who eventually left the area in a van, that even had a tarpaulin that suggested to the nations, that they came to take their crops for self purposes.

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