Marvin and Nickeisha Now Feuding Lyrically

Dancehall Gossip, The ex-girlfriend of Marvin the Beast, Nickeisha has responded to the recent rants and posts that the dancer reeled out on his Instagram account.

Nickeisha in a recent live video she did, addressed Marvin the Beast, as well as she went to the extent of releasing a song exposing what she calls the “fishy ways” of Marvin.


In the live video, she mentioned that she knows she does not have to retaliate however that was totally opposite to what happened in a song recently done by Nickeisha.

In what appears to be a counteraction to a recent song Marvin the Beast did addressing her as a “Yam Head ”Nickeisha threw blows at the Beast by letting him know that she has no problem cheating if he is cheating too.

In the song, Nickeisha also launched attacks at Marvin’s character stating what she would do to him violently. She also describes the actions of the beast as girly.

Marvin in a new live video expressed that he did not like the song because of the disrespect it comes with mentioning that Nickeisha even told him about his mother ignorant of being aware that the two have a daughter together.

Marvin has since made a counteraction to Queen Nikki’s song in a video he posted online Marvin sings and states that he does not have fishy ways and he is not afraid of Nickeisha gun men lovers.

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