Marvin Disrespects Nickeisha, Calls her “Yam Head”

Marvin, the beast took to his social media to respond to a video and a post that has been circulating about his now ex-girlfriend Nickeisha moving on from their now broken relationship.

The video has shown Nickeisha walking with a rastaman who many fans are claiming to be the Nickesha’s new boyfriend.

Marvin seemed to be a bit perturbed by the news as he took to his Instagram after the video had dropped to make a post letting his fans know he does not run down money and girls calling the person a time waster.

Previous to Marvin the beast post, Nickeisha took to her Instagram making it clear how she is feeling and letting her fans know she is in a different place. Marvin in a live video made it clear that he is not going insane over his ex as his fans are suggesting.

The two dancers have been going at it for years and are now said to have finally ended their relationship even though they now have a daughter together. 

Marvin also did a track referring to the female dancer as a “Yam-head” based on the rumours of her having a new man but “The Beast” has made it clear however that he is not hurt by the situation. 

The two dancers were also well known for their track done together 3 years ago entitled “Clean and fresh”.

See queen Nikki’s reply to Marvin below

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