Masicka Made Jamaica Proud when he appeared on Fox twice

Masicka represented Jamaica like a Pro, even though he was being interviewed on American TV for the first time. When he was asked if he knew he would rise to fame so quickly, he said he always worked hard and expected to make it big one day, but he is surprised that he made it this far so fast.

He was interviewed by Hot 97 as well as he is doing shows in different cities in the US. He spoke about music in Jamaica and he invited the two ladies Suki and Jenny to visit Jamaica, as there are many talented artistes putting out music every day. He said “Jamaica is so small and there is so much talent on the island, that he had to be putting out new songs every 3 months, in order to stay ahead of the game.

Suki and Jenny wanted to know if he would be singing about them and he said he would. They were certainly impressed by him and how he answered questions intelligently.
The 26 –year-old spoke about Bob Marley and how he respects him for opening the door for all other Jamaican artistes to walk through. He also said all dancehall artistes were respected by Jamaicans even if they are not Jamaicans as he knows the music is now international, and “One Love “ is what Jamaicans are all about.

Suki and Jenny seemed very excited to see young talent coming out of Jamaica and they referred to Masika as one out of the young crop of artiste that has made it to the top very quickly. This interview went viral online, so Masika is going places as another great Jamaican dancehall artiste.

Masicka’s Fox 5 TV Interview in New York [Video]

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