Masicka Names His Dogs Off His Hit Songs: Talks Ups and Downs in his Dancehall Career and More – Interview

Masicka is being touted as one of the best of the new generation of dancehall which is something he agrees with, so much so that he named his last album ‘Generation of Kings’. In recent times, more than before the deejay has been hitting locally with almost every song he releases.

Some of these hit songs mean a lot to him more than others, so much so that he decided to name multiple of his dogs off his hit songs, ‘Top Form’, ‘Image’ and ‘Drug Lord’ are some of the names given to the dogs. Notably, Elephant Man is known to also name his dogs from names of his hit songs such as ‘Log On’ etc.


After introducing one of his dogs to everyone, in a newly released interview, Masicka talks with Seani B | 1Xtra in Jamaica about the ups and downs in his career and being able to live ‘the dancehall dream’ after starting out with not much.

Masicka talks with Seani B | 1Xtra in Jamaica

According to Masicka, the hardships and going through different stages in his career were some of the most ‘enjoyable moments’. He then urges the younger artistes to appreciate the different stages of their career and not just the end result.

With regards to the growth in the music, Masicka contributes his improvement to “constructive criticism,” he says earlier he had “too much” lyrics in the songs and agrees with that earlier criticism.

‘They Don’t Know’ was a career-changing song, says Masicka who went on to state that initially it was not his “favourite song”, however, he said over time the song grew on him because it has an addictive thing to it and it’s simplicity yet detailed, with regards to his journey.

Masicka had a lot to say including overcoming depression and thoughts of leaving music to get a job. He also highlighted that he went to college for one year and decided to stop because of his love for music.

Watch the full interview below:

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