Matey Taking Over Valentine’s Day With Spells

Ruben Williams, a St. Thomas obeahman, revealed that more than 12 side women contacted him for love spells since the beginning of the year.

Ruben stated that women no longer respect a man’s wife. The courtesy of allowing her to be with her husband on Valentine’s day is a thing of the past.

He continued by declaring that females are the majority of his clientele because, during the Valentine’s period, they desire more attention and finances from men. Since the start of the year, he has received approximately 20 calls from women, of which 75%  was fruitful.

He reiterated how daring and brave mateys are in this day and age, refusing to allow a man’s primary partner to prevent them from getting what they want.

According to Williams, the “Agreeable To All” spell from the Money Magic Bible is the go-to charm for females. Additionally, he stated that this spell is requested all year round because of their love for money.

His “Love Or Money” spell can cost up to US $1,000 and he revealed that recently a woman came to cast a charm on a man to “tie” him to her. He outlined to her that the man wasn’t financially stable and it couldn’t be that she was doing it only for the sex. He declared, however, that it was their business and moved on.

Furthermore, Williams said he always cautioned his clients about the added expense it takes to remove a spell. He believes the spirits he sends out are obedient, and it will take a lot to remove them from where he sends them. In some cases, women even get abused when the men they cast the magic on don’t want to leave, especially if there is no love.

In contrast, Ruben doesn’t necessarily celebrate Valentine’s Day, as do many other men. He recounted hearing that Mr. Valentine was a homosexual, which deterred him from celebrating. Despite this, Williams confesses that he will do whatever it takes to make his spouse happy. If she wants something, he will purchase it because he loves her.

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