Mavado and Drake’s ongoing Beef Explained

August 1, 2020 11:41 AM

Mavado had a diss track ready for Drake within ten days after Drake initially sent shots on his freestyle track. It wasn’t known if Drake would respond quickly, or if he would let the beef die down a bit.

Diss tracks are fueling the beef and fans will see if Gully vs Gaza has now become Gully vs OVO. It wouldn’t be surprising to hear Popcaan responding to Mavado’s new song on behalf of Drake. In 2016, Unruly and OVO became one family.


For now, the battle is raging between the Gully Gad Mavado and OVO Sounds finest, the 6 God Drake, who will be left standing?

Drake and Mavado who were friends have become enemies based on their recent diss tracks.

The way Drake spoke about Mavado before is the opposite of what you can expect to hear from the rapper now. The rift between the two artistes caused them to be destructive towards each other on the track, using lyrics that show that they are holding nothing back.

Some of Vybz Kartel’s fans or Gaza supporters would say that the feud is long overdue because Drake has been aligned with Popcaan for years now and it was strange for the rapper to be playing both sides. Being a friend of both Popcaan and Mavado for years, while they themselves remained sworn enemies.

Drizzy managed to put himself in this situation and he claimed to understand the dancehall culture and the rivalry that exists between Gaza and Gully. Drake also touted dancehall World Boss Vybz Kartel as one of the greatest to ever do it. 

For many years, his relationship with Popcaan has been solid, and he has often paid homage to Kartel and the Gaza and Jamaica, he was linking up with the producer DJ Khaled,  of who is linked to Mavado, who signed to “We The Best Music” in 2011.


Even though Drake had both Mavado and Popcaan as friends for years, he got closer to the Unruly Boss while he moved away from the Gully Gad.

The reignited beef was kicked off recently with Drake’s latest slight towards Mavado in his new release, “Only You Freestyle” and in the song, the OVO Don rapped: “Link Popskull in Gaza but not that Gaza but still it’s a mazza / N***as want piece like cassava but we let bridge dem burn like grabba.”

These lyrics imply strongly that Drake is not Mavado’s friend. Mavado is from Cassava Piece in Kingston, Jamaica and instead of allowing his rivals to get a “piece” Drake is saying he burned those bridges like “grabba” that is a tobacco product in Jamaica that has often been blended with ganja.


Mavado resurfaced on Instagram, sharing posts with heavily suggestive captions such as this, “From you a look clout a copper to you mouth”.  in one post, since the song came out.

The Guly Gad has since unleashed a lot more of these kinds of jabs in his latest diss track titled “Enemy Line” he now declares that the OVO Don has officially made him into an enemy.


Some years ago when Drake performed in Jamaica it was reported that he almost got arrested for the use of profanities during his performance. He thanked artistes like Mavado and the others who were there for saving him that night because he did not know about the Jamaican rules.

At the time, they had close ties and they both respected each other. This causes persons to wonder why that has changed.

The Jamaican’s take on why he and the Canadian rapper are beefing is one theory, but long ago, it was rumored that Drake donated $25K to Cassava Piece, Mavado’s community a.k.a. Gully side, a new Learning Centre should be built there. That establishment is not there yet, and while we are not sure about the details, it is easy for anyone to agree that it would be a good reason to end the friendship.  

Mad News UK reported in 2010 that they felt that the Learning Centre would be a good thing for the community if only Mavado could stick to the plan and ensure that it is built. If nothing happens then Drake’s $25k just went into somebody else’s pockets. No one knows if that incited the rift between them, as Drake spoke highly of Mavado since the donation was made. Drizzy also sampled Mavado’s popular hit “Dying” that featured Serani from 2007 when he did his song “9” in 2016.

Mavado and Drake are only just getting started with this beef as the Canadian is yet to address the Gully Gad’s latest diss track. DJ Khaled, has remained tight-lipped about the feud as well even though he is connected to both of them.

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DJ Khaled has been promoting his latest releases with Drake “Popstar” and “Greece,” they were both in the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 recently. Some fans see Khaled playing the Drake songs on his Snapchat and Instagram as him taking sides, but it is his song too and he has to do what is best for himself.

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