Mavado Called Out For Not Standing Up Enough For His People

In his usual outspoken manner, veteran Reggae artiste Buju Banton made an Instagram post asking some very controversial questions that seemed to have been hurled in the direction of the Prime Minister by the Entertainer.

Amongst the questions, the “Gargamel” posted in the form of a screenshot of a text document, were those that inquired “Why are you hurting your people?”, ” What have they done to you?”, as well as others asking how much the person who the questions are directed to was paid and why are they holding professionals hostage among several others.


In the same post featuring the edgy questions, Buju wrote that “Until you people stand on your feet. You shall forever be on your knees”.

Many people seemed to have gotten a spark of inspiration from the post and started to comment their heartfelt thoughts on the situation, bashing the Government for the part they are playing with the vaccination as well as other social concerns.

Among the first set of persons who shared their opinion in the comments section of the “Gargamel’s” post, was none other than the “Not Perfect” singer Mavado, who wrote “Real talk”, under the post.

That alone was not satisfactory for some fans, however, as there came after several comments bashing Mavado for not standing up enough for his people.

One fan counteracted the singjay’s comment by letting him know that he has the platform and not doing anything for his brothers and sisters.

See the posts and comments below.


In reality, the deejay has been absent from Social media for a while, just recently returning, and it is well known that he has a lot to be dealing with mentally since his mother passed away earlier this year and his son was given a life sentence in the same time frame.

Those factors surely seem like a lot to deal with and would take anyone some length of time to fully come to terms with what took place.


At least for now, Mavado realizes that the issues being pressed publicly are real matters that deserve to be reasoned logically.

On a different note, it is very much understandable why fans would call out Mavado for not speaking up on matters like these, since the “Gully God”, is well known for his charitable personality, which saw him even building a Community centre in Cassava Piece as well as helping many students to attend school.



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