Mavado Eludes Cops While His Son Faces the Criminal Justice System

Dancehall News, David Brooks who is also called Mavado is still evading officers as his son gets ready to face another bail hearing next month.

Mavado fled the island last year June after it was alleged that his son was involved in a murder. His son is now held in the Juvenile detention centre in Kingston, without bond and his attorney Peter Champagnie is preparing to be back in Court on May 10 to apply for a bond. He plans to make his best efforts and hopes that the bail will be granted
It is alleged that Law Enforcement officers are seeking to meet with Mavado to speak about the murder of Lorenzo Thomas.


It is reported that early in the morning on June 5, 2018 a group of men that was led by Movado’s son went to Lorenzo’s home and murdered him in a very brutal way, they even attempted to cut off his head before they set his house on fire.

Young Brooks was arrested and charged with murder, shooting with intent, arson, illegal possession of ammunition and firearm. A text message that was sent by the teenager to Hines telling him that the Entertainer wants the head of the victim was found by the police. Andre Hines was also arrested and charged with murder.

Hines admitted that he started cutting off the head of the victim, but he didn’t finish the job.

Mavado left the island a day before the murder and then there was the flare-up of violence in the Cassava Piece community. It has been said that the police department has issued an arrest warrant for Mavado and threatened to request extradition for him, from the USA, as he is a permanent resident there. However, the extradition request has not been made as yet, and Brooks has not returned to the island.

The Popular Entertainer was shot at in Cassava Piece on June 1st, because of a domestic dispute between Lorenzo and young Brooks on June 1, 2018. Mavado was shot at after he intervened, but he had to leave the area on foot before he reported the incident at the Constant Spring Police Station.


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