Mavado Exposed By The Baker?

Thursday, August 6, 2020, 11:39 PM

Recently there have been some very controversial statements being made by the man widely known as “The baker” who was featured in Mavado’s song Top Shotta.

The Jamaican man who goes by the name Danny Vengeance got famous after he was attacked in his American home but ended up killing his attacker.


He went viral after giving an American news station a vivid description of what took place when the incident occurred.

He stated that he was attacked with an Ak 47 but moved skillfully and kept on “baking” his Gloc in the chest of the gunman until the clip was empty.

Because of his heroic efforts in defending himself and his family and his charismatic way that he described the events, Jamaicans quickly made him a sensation.

This rise to fame all saw Dancehall Singjay Mavado putting him on the intro of his hot gangster track “Top Shotta’.

Recent statements by the “Baker” however made it clear that things were not good with the Cassava piece Artist and himself as Danny said that he did not get any compensation for his efforts on the song.

This led to a stir in the entertainment community as Mavado’s character was put in question.

The “Baker” did not stop there however as he took to social media with a video exposing Mavado as someone who takes pills, crack, coke, heroine and lean.

He also says that Mavado’s MVP associate Alkaline does the same things as the “gangster for life” singer.

Danny Vengeance went further in his onslaught of Mavado by letting his fans know that even recently Mavado fainted at a club due to drug overdose which allegedly led to 5 men raping him.

He also associated Mavado’s name with cases of rape in Jamaica stating that as the reason why soldiers damaged the singer’s face.

Fans have definitely been aggravated over the comments made by “The Baker” with most stating that Mavado should sue him as it seems he is telling lies for money.

Mavado has not responded to any of the claims made by Danny Vengeance

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