Mavado Makes Statement About his Mother’s Death

Mavado who is currently in the USA continues to morn the sudden passing of his mother Miss Elizabeth Gordon aka ‘Ms. Pinny’ who he yesterday called is “Everything”, while he seemingly was at a lost for words.

Since the news broke several top entertainers have taken to social media to send their condolences, notably Bounty Killer and countless others reacted to the passing with a post.


Mavado’s mother passed away on thursday and two days later Mavado is now gathering his thoughts and sharing some of them with his fans via Instagram.

Based on the statement made by the dancehall singer, the death came as a surprise and he recalled her telling him that she was “feeling much better” and was ready to go back home.

Mavado outlines that his mother was the only person he could trust and he could always put his life in her hands. Mavado recalls walking up and down Constant Spring Road when he was a kid and dreaming of buying a big house and car for her when he grows up, something he managed to accomplish.

Check out his full statement below.

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