Mavado Points Out “LEGAL SCAMMER” to Andrew Holness and the JCF

May 23, 2021

Mavado continues to label Jennifer Messado a “legal scammer”. The Gully Side leader took to instagram a day ago to highlight the wrong doings of the elderly lady who is said to be over 70 years old. In doing so he also tagged the Jamaica Constabulary Force, PM Holness, The Gleaner, Buju Banton and Spragga Benz.

According to Mavado, the Jamaican government is not carrying out justice with regards to her foul plays because she is not from the ghetto.


He wrote “This is Jamaica’s legal scammers that the government can not do nothing about all because she’s not from the ghetto”. The “Progress” singer did not stop there as he went on to detail that people like Jennifer Messado are the ones who are truly mashing up the island. See his statement below.

Continued “scammer laws yet she’s filling to said she’s broke and she should not go to jail because she’s over 70. this old criminal that’s not even really from Jamaica her family’s came to Jamaica some years ago when they were broke just look her up and you will see who’s her friends in Jamaica high society.🇯🇲👁”

Mavado also took to Instagram in March to point out his personal issues with her highlighting that she stole 30,000,000 from him and is yet to be repaid. Read what he had to say about getting scammed by her below.

“Over 3 years this Lady Scammer Jennifer Messado stole over 30 million dollars from me. It seems her Job in Jamaica is to Proudly scam peoples properties and money. Has the power to take your money and cannot go to prison? Charged over 7 times and counting for scamming 100 of millions of dollars from the citizens of Jamaica and never been penalized. Everytime she goes to court she goes home. Two years ago she and the court system tried to turn my money into a loan of 150k per month payback (over 20years to collect) from a 75 year old 🤔. Plse Remember I didn’t lend her my money she scammed it.”

He continued “A couple days ago she got an opportunity to write an affidavit to the court saying she has no money to pay and the reason she should not go to jail. I remember going to this lady office for the first time, finding out she is a criminal she blatantly told me in front her lawyer there is nothing I can do about my money and she knows who to call. Then said I pulled a gun on her and hit her to the police. A FAILED PLOT she planned. That day she said she can make my life a living hell because after all I was the first person to make her get charge.”

“Which was also a fight for the police who told me even though they were trying their best, she was well connected. Proved it when she went to court and a judge told the police they should not lock her up on a Friday because she can’t post bail sameday and would stay for the Weekend. If I didn’t threaten to go social media she wouldn’t have been charged in the first place.. they charged her then for someone else money that was fighting years before me. Then they charged her for my money, and several others after! What is DPP Doing about this aristocratic Scammer or is because of who she’s knows n where she’s from and her power she pulls in the System. I’m Waiting to see on May 19, 2021 what this Judge is doing about my MONEY”.


May 19 has passed and there is no update about what the judge did with regards to his case with Jennifer Messado, Mavado also recently Stated that his son was given an unfair trial and the witness was not true to his statements.



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