Mavado Writes Statement to Andrew Holness about Blaming High Crime Rate on Gun Lyrics

Mavado is not agreeing with what the prime minister of Jamaica is saying about the violent dancehall songs contributing to the high crime rate on the island. The Jamaica star published an article earlier today highlighting the remarks from Mr Holness a days ago while in the house of parliament.

Mavado after reading the news story, posted an image of the article on his Instagram and stated, “Why is this man blaming crime on music every prime minister that the ppl vote in when dem get them Bloodclatt seat to work Dem fail and come point fingers well we pointing right back at you”

According to the PM, the criminals are indirectly influenced by the lyrics of the entertainers and it’s also degrading the culture of the island.

The Gully Side artiste did not stop there, he went on to ask ,”what about all the grants dat you and your parliamentarians get to take care of crime billions.. that has nothing to do with entertainment no one voted for us to lead that’s your job! what u need to do is clean up your corrupted Government and stop intimidate the people! Tyad a you. @andrewholnessjm“.

Mavado was sure to tag Andrew Holness in his comments letting everyone know who he is directly talking to.

The PM was among other lawmakers who were disgusted with the current high level of crime in the country, and the attack on women has made them even more vocal.

This is not the first nor second time that Andrew Holness has attributed the high crime rate in Jamaica to the highly violent dancehall songs that are made and played every day. He believes in the last few decades, Jamaican music has been overtaken by violence, and the music we are producing is devaluing our culture, which is a very important asset for our economic development.

Last week Mavado also took to social media to call out  “Jennifer Messado” who he said stole 30,000,000 from him.

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