Mavado’s ‘Progress’ producer “Corey Mineral Boss” reportedly Killed!

According to reports coming in, its alleged that Mavado’s “Progress” producer Cleon ‘Corey Mineral Boss’ Jones was killed earlier today at his home in Caymanas Bay, St. Catherine. It’s also reported that a second person was shot and injured by the killer but not in serious condition. I Octane recently teamed up with Corey for “Break Thu” song and video also produced by Mineral Boss Records.

“No one deserves to die that way, he was shot in front of his home,” Tawana Jones, the wife of the artiste, and co-owner of the Mineral Boss Records, told ONE876 EDITOR Claude Mills.

Check out ‘Progress’ music video featuring Corey Mineral Boss below!

Also watch: Corey, I Octane – Break Thru

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RIP mineral boss Jamaican people too dam Bad mind…. Especially when Dem realize something great is going to happen for you…God Nah Sleep



sherine drackett

respect goes out to corey miss u neva did tnk sa a so soon mi did ago see u funeral gon too soon


It is so sad, ppl nuh sick and die anymore, ppl nuh ardly liv pass 35…… GOD….. Where r u?! Please com rescue us




There are more bad ppl living in Jamaica than good ppl…that’s a fact…..and the bad ppl are winning …the struggle with murders is deep …everyday it’s a bloody day….in a small island and it cannot be contained….These mayhems are wrecking havoc for tax payers in Jamaica.