Mavado’s Son Bail Hearing set for July 31st

July 13, 2018 4:42 PM

[Sharingbuttons]Mavado’s 16-year-old son who is incarcerated because of murder and other charges will find out if he will be granted bail on July 31st. He is now in a juvenile detention center as he waits for the bail hearing to be held. He would not be there if it wasn’t for a killing that took place in Cassava Piece on June 5th 2018.
It is alleged that the lawyer who represents the juvenile, Mr. Bert Samuels believes his client is safe as he is at the Metcalf Street Juvenile Center.

Mavado was not here when the killing took place, but he was the one who was shot at after there was an argument between him and a group of men. Mavado’s son will know if he will be granted bail on July 31st. His father David Brooks whose stage name is Mavado had to leave the island 2 days after the argument took place and he has not returned since the killing and the incarceration of his son. This causes persons to wonder if the judge won’t see his son as a person who has a great potential to be a flight risk and the prosecution has strongly opposed bail for the teenager before.


The police have warned that they will seek to have the entertainer extradited as they want him to come in for questioning. However, it is alleged that Mavado says he wants the police to keep his travel plans as a secret and he has touring contracts to fulfill.

This is a technical situation that will be in need of planning skills. 


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